How to play iTunes movies and music on Lumia 640/XL


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    How to play iTunes movies and music on Lumia 640/XL

    Post  aqlucky on Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:06 am

    Show you an easy way to sync iTunes movies and music to your Lumia 640/XL. Display the steps of using Pavtube ChewTune to sync iTunes files to Lumia 640/XL for enjoying.

    Microsoft has launched the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL alongside dual-SIM and LTE variants of the handsets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, both of which give people the flexibility to do more anywhere, and at any time. These phones will be upgradable to Windows 10, when it becomes available later this year.

    With that, some one would have a question: "What video formats does Lumia 640/XL support? I am quite used to donwloading audio & video files from iTunes, which can not be played successfully on Lumia 640/640 XL. If it is possible to enjoy my iTunes movies and music on Lumia 640/XL?"

    How to Put iTunes Music & Movie on Lumia 640/XL

    Even though the Lumia 640/XL lacks of applications for importing and playing iTunes M4P audio and M4V video files, it can't hinder us from obtaining media sources in some other way. As is known to all, the music or videos download from iTunes are DRM-protected, DRM is abbreviation of Digital Rights Management and mainly used to protect iTunes media from altering of works or devices. So when the iTunes user wants to transfer their purchased media file to Lumia 640/XL for playback, Apple will not allow this. However, if you insist to do this, you need remove DRM from those iTunes movies/music.

    Hot Search: Video to Lumia 640/XL | iTunes to HTC One M9 | iTunes to Android | iTunes to NAS | DRM Converter Review

    If there is an iTunes Media Converter software at hand, all problems could be readily solved. Pavtube ChewTune is an efficiant combination of iTunes DRM protection removal and video format converter for Windows users. The software is able to convert both purchased and rented iTunes vidoes and music to plain MP4 for playback on Lumia 640/XL with all DRM protections striped. Here is an tutorial on how to convert purchased or rented iTunes movies/music to Lumia 640/XL.

    (Click here for Mac OS X 10.5)

    Guide to free iTunes movies/music for syncing and enjoying on Lumia 640/XL

    Please download the program on your Windows PC first before getting started. A command window will pop up during the installation to install specific audio driver, do not shut down and let it running until the installation completed.

    Step 1. Load iTunes files

    Run this Pavtube Chewtune as a top DRM Removal Software, and add videos. Drag and drop your videos to it directly, or you can click icon to import them as below.

    Step 2. Choose format

    Click the drop-down-list besides "Format" and choose "Windows > Windows Phone 8 H.264 Video(*.mp4)" as the most compatible format with Lumia 640/XL.

    Lumia 640/640 XL Supported Video Format

    Video playback frame rate: 30 fps

    Video playback codecs: H.263, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, VC-1, Windows video

    Step 3. Change video specs

    Click "Settings" to enter Profile Settings window, you can find settings for video size, codec, bitrate and frame rate.Step 4. Start iTunes to Lumia 640/XL recorder

    Now click the "Convert" icon to start removing DRM from iTune videos/music and recording them to Lumia 640/XL for playing; this DRM Video Recorder will activate your iTunes automatically and start to play this video. The player windows cannot be removed or closed.

    After the conversion, click "Open output folder" to quick locate the converted video and copy to your Lumia 640/XL for watching on the go.

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